One On One

We are pleased to serve you in our Ministry’s administration of  One On One Mentoring. We have a trained Ministry Team desiring to help you in our Father’s Courts as He is the Righteous Judge. This automated Appointment scheduling link helps you book appointments with Our Ministry team:

  • Personal Mentoring session with our Ministry Team (either 1-Hour or 2-Hour)

Please note every appointment is an online Video-Conference. We will connect together through Zoom in the Ministry’s Zoom Meeting ID.

Please make your own appointment, and let your friends and family members make their own appointments. If you desire to give someone the gift of a Personal Mentoring session, arrange for them to book and pay for their own session (send them this URL), and reimburse them in some other manner. Each person making a Personal Mentoring session appointment should be the person who will be on the session due to the agreements they make in our Terms & Conditions as this appointment process unfolds; do not make an appointment for another person.

Each 1-hour appointment is only for one person, unless a married couple, in which case both spouses may join in the session. But, even so, only one person will receive ministry. If a married couple wants ministry together, please select the 2-hour appointment option, giving time for this.

You will receive a Confirmation Email with an active hyperlink that serves as your Zoom invitation for your appointment.

  • It is very important that you CHECK your inbox and YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDERS FOR THIS CONFIRMATION EMAIL.
  • The Confirmation Email contains information for the day of your appointment.
  • Please mark it as important and save that email in your primary folder.
  • At your appointment time you will simply click the hyperlink in the Confirmation Email to join your meeting.
  • All Confirmation and Reminder emails come from ““, search your inbox (including spam/junk) for this email address.

You are required to be on-screen with us for your appointment; be sure your device has a working camera, if you are unable to be on screen do not make the appointment. We do not conduct blind Personal Mentoring sessions, everyone will be on screen together. You do not need a personal Zoom account, as we will meet in the Ministry’s account and meeting room.

Dr. Rudy’s trained Ministry Teams are led by his Senior Advocates.

  • Senior Advocates lead Personal Mentoring sessions with one Junior Advocate and one Student-Observer from the One On One Mentor training program. Up to 3 people + you will be on screen together = a potential of 4 total people. Your appointment is with our Ministry TEAM, not with a specific person.
  • Dr. Rudy may not be in your Personal Mentoring session due to other ministry schedules.

Be sure to read our Professional Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the Questionnaire as you complete this appointment booking. Each step has important information regarding how we will reimburse you if you need to cancel your appointment.

NO SHOW POLICY: We do not re-schedule a No-Show client for any reason, and 100% of the advanced payment is forfeited.

  • You are employing our Teams and their valuable time for Professional Pastoral Services.
  • Please make sure you know how to connect through Zoom, and at what time your appointment is scheduled.
  • We recommend you mark your calendar and set an alarm.
  • This system will send you a Reminder email one day in advance – but it often ends up in spam and/or junk folders.
  • Your appointment will be reflected in the Time Zone you choose as your own time zone below.
  • We are not responsible if you choose the wrong time zone. International friends, make sure you choose your correct time zone below.
  • All Confirmation and Reminder emails come from ““, write this down and search your inbox (including spam/junk) for our emails.

When booking your Personal Mentoring appointment below you have four options:

  1. Choose from either Monday, Wednesday, Friday rectangles or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday rectangles (see below).
    • There are no Saturday appointments. What you see is what is available.
  2. Next, click the rectangle for either a 1-hour or 2-hour appointment.
    • If you schedule a 1-hour, it can not be turned into a 2-hour later, and vice versa.
    • There are appointments booked all around your chosen appointment time that prevent us from changing the schedule like that.
  3. Choose from the list of available times on the list of dates.
    • Make sure that YOUR Time Zone is correct; the system will suggest a timezone, please check it.
    • We are not responsible for a wrong Time Zone – please make sure it is your time zone.
    • The system shows all the closest available dates first.
  4. If you need to back up a step, click the “down carat” on the right side of the rectangle you just selected.
    • It will reset to show you all four options again (each in a rectangle of their own).
  5. When booking in the form below, you can scroll back up to this area with ease while on the first page, but not afterward.

Thank you for your advance payment. We honor the fact that you have made a transaction with our Ministry.

When you book a session, our Teams are scheduling time on their calendars for you for detailed spiritual work. We look forward to our time together with you and expect to be met by Holy Spirit in each appointment in order to operate from the realms of Heaven as we co-labor with Him for your freedoms and breakthrough.

A key element in successful resolution of issues in the Courts of Heaven is the willingness of the participant to repent for themselves and their generations. The more willing we are to repent, the more things can change in our situations.


Dr. Rudy Rodriguez and Ministry Teams

REMINDER: Immediately check your inbox for our Confirmation Email. Check spam or junk folders if you do not readily see it. The Zoom Location link in that email allows you to join your appointment.