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Courts of Heaven

Here we ascend into the Courts of Heaven, present our case according to the finish work of Calvary, obtain a verdict and so we can enforce the verdict in the Kingdom of the Earth. 

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Government of Heaven

 The Kingdom of the Earth is obtained by crossing over the natural boundary line into the realm of his presence.

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The Comforter

Truly the church today needs the power that comes through the Holy Spirit to minister the reality of Christ (The Anointed One) to a world in trouble.

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Spiritual Laws

Just as God established physical laws, like the law of gravity, so there are spiritual laws that have been set in motion by God. They are just as sure as physical laws.

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Spiritual Encounters

An encounter is an event or an experience with God in which there is a supernatural manifestation  of God’s presence in your life.

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Babies to Sons

After accepting Jesus Christ with all their heart, a person must be ready to remove from their life all that prevents the absolute working of the Holy Spirit.

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